New River VDL Commences Laboratory Operations

New River VDL is a newly established clinical reference laboratory that provides advanced molecular diagnostic tests designed to improve canine and feline pet care. 

New River VDL, in collaboration with research partners at leading veterinary medicine schools, identifies diagnostic challenges that are currently unaddressed or underserved by existing technologies. Utilizing a proprietary imaging technology called histology guided mass spectrometry (HGMS) profiling, the company and its collaborative research partners jointly develop molecular diagnostic tests that seek to enable veterinarians to reduce the misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and overtreatment of canine and feline pets.

New River VDL was established to deliver objective and more accurate diagnostic data for veterinarians. This improved diagnostic data can lead to the formulation of more personalized and effective treatment plans for pets. By providing greater diagnostic insight to the veterinarian, these tests enable pet owners to make more informed treatment decisions for their pets. To accomplish these objectives, each New River VDL test is designed to address one of the following diagnostic challenges:

  • Diagnose disease
  • Differentiate between diseases
  • Determine disease stage or grade
  • Predict disease response to treatment
  • Predict disease progression

New River VDL intends to commercially launch its first diagnostic test in July 2019. LymphoPro Feline Dx is the most accurate test to differentiate between feline small cell lymphoma and inflammatory bowel disease.

For more information about New River VDL, email us at or call us at (800) 850-5675. If you have an idea for a research study that you would like to discuss with us, please email us at