Introducing New River VDL

Introducing New River VDL

New River VDL is a clinical reference laboratory that provides advanced molecular diagnostic tests designed to improve canine and feline pet care. Our goal is to be the leading clinical reference laboratory in delivering advanced molecular diagnostic technologies within veterinary medicine.

Advanced molecular diagnostics are increasingly used to improve human patient care. For various reasons, the availability of these tests within veterinary medicine has lagged significantly. Veterinarians confront diagnostic challenges on a daily basis that require subjective judgement because objective and accurate tests are not available. Our mission is to develop collaborative research partnerships with leading veterinary research institutions in an effort to identify, develop, and provide advanced molecular diagnostics that enable veterinarians to deliver more accurate diagnoses and better develop personalized treatment plans for canine and feline pets. As evidenced by the impact on human patient care, we believe the advancement of molecular diagnostics within veterinary medicine will yield significant benefits for ailing pets, pet owners, and veterinarians.

Our initial veterinary tests will employ a proprietary application of mass spectrometry imaging to address clinically challenging questions that are underserved, or unaddressed, by existing technologies. Our imaging technology, histology guided mass spectrometry (HGMS) profiling, provides robust diagnostic data by directly analyzing targeted cells within patient tissue specimens.

In July 2019, we will commercially launch our first diagnostic test, LymphoPro Feline Dx, which will be the most accurate test to differentiate between feline small cell lymphoma (SCL) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Distinguishing SCL from idiopathic IBD in felines with chronic enteropathy is often difficult for veterinary specialists, and the ability to differentiate SCL from IBD in a timely manner is important for the proper treatment and improved prognosis of afflicted cats.

We will be highlighting our LymphoPro Feline Dx test at upcoming veterinary meetings, including the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM) Forum (June 5-8 in Phoenix, AZ) and the Potomac Regional Veterinary Conference (October 25-27 in White Sulfur Springs, WV).

We have a pipeline of veterinary tests in various stages of development, and we are excited to deliver to veterinarians a range of advanced molecular diagnostic tests that have been traditionally limited to human patient care.

We are searching for new applications where mass spectrometry imaging may help to answer challenging clinical questions and provide benefit to canine and feline pet care. If you have a clinical problem that you believe HGMS can help to answer, we would love to hear from you. Please email to arrange a time to discuss your project idea or to schedule an information session.

Please continue to follow our blog, as future posts will highlight relevant topics related to advancing molecular diagnostics within veterinary medicine.