LymphoPro Feline Dx Available

LymphoPro Feline Dx Available

LymphoPro Feline DxTM, patent pending, is now available to veterinarians throughout the country. This is the most accurate test to differentiate between feline small cell lymphoma (SCL) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The test was developed in collaboration with Dr. Jörg M. Steiner (Texas A&M University) and Dr. Sina Marsilio (University of California-Davis).

LymphoPro Feline Dx is intended for use in patients whose small intestine lesion is not definitively SCL or IBD based solely on clinical and histopathological evaluations. The test provides additional molecular data to help the veterinarian more accurately diagnose these ambiguous cases in cats.

LymphoPro Feline Dx employs histology guided mass spectrometry (HGMS) profiling and provides the following benefits as compared to currently available tests:

  • Improved Accuracy:  Method validation was performed using 54 feline duodenum specimens (30 SCL and 24 IBD cases) and resulted in a sensitivity of 86.7% and specificity of 91.7%. An indeterminant rate of 3.7% was observed among specimens analyzed and included in the sensitivity and specificity calculations.
  • Objective Classifications:  LymphoPro Feline Dx leverages histology in combination with mass spectrometry imaging and machine learning algorithms to classify lymphocyte populations as either SCL or IBD.
  • Faster Results:  Test results are generally available to the ordering veterinarian within five (5) business days.
  • Less Tissue:  Test process only requires three (3), 5-micron thick sections of feline duodenum tissue.
  • Enhanced Insight:  LymphoPro Feline Dx profiles the proteomic content of lymphocyte populations and provides a molecular snapshot of the active state of the cells, not just the genetic potential for malignancy.

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Specimens used for both algorithm training and validation were reviewed by a panel of five (5) to seven (7) expert veterinary specialists, including pathologists, oncologists, and internists. Only specimens that received a consensus diagnosis were included in the algorithm training and validation. For each case, panel diagnosis was based on clinical presentation, histopathological evaluations, and immunohistochemistry results. PCR for Antigen Receptor Rearrangements (PARR) was ordered for each case, and in the cases where PARR could be performed, this data was incorporated into the panel review. Attempts were made to obtain the clinical outcome for each case, and when available, this outcome data was assessed to further confirm the diagnosis.

During method validation, the results of the LymphoPro Feline Dx algorithm and PARR test were compared to the consensus diagnoses of the review panel. In total, 50 biopsies yielded data from both tests, including 27 SCL and 23 IBD cases. The LymphoPro Feline Dx algorithm exhibited significantly improved overall accuracy (90.0% vs 60.0%), sensitivity (88.9% vs 85.2%), specificity (91.3% vs 30.4%), and indeterminant rate (2.0% vs 14.0%) as compared to PARR.

A veterinarian, or appropriate veterinary professional, may order New River VDL test kits through the company's website. Test kit orders are generally processed the same day and received by the veterinarian within three (3) business days.

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We look forward to discussing the benefits of LymphoPro Feline Dx with veterinarians. If you would like to learn more about our test or technology, please email us at or call us at (800) 850-5675.