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Advanced molecular diagnostics are increasingly used to improve human patient care. Unfortunately, veterinarians confront difficult diagnostic questions on a daily basis that require subjective judgement because objective and accurate tests are not yet available. As scientists and laboratory professionals, as well as pet parents and animal lovers, we are on a mission to enable veterinarians to deliver more accurate diagnoses and better develop personalized treatment plans for ailing pets. By empowering the veterinarian, we also help pet parents make more informed treatment decisions on behalf of their pet. 

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Small cell lymphoma or IBD?

Small cell lymphoma (SCL) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are common causes of chronic gastrointestinal disease in cats. Cats suffering from chronic gastrointestinal disease may exhibit a combination of vomiting, diarrhea, change in appetite, and weight loss. SCL and IBD are frequently indistinguishable based on clinical presentation, routine blood work, and ultrasound findings. To provide a differential diagnosis, veterinarians often require a biopsy, with the specimen subjected to histopathological review by a pathologist. In many cases, the pathologist is unable to distinguish the disease states and orders molecular testing, such as IHC or PARR. Unfortunately, each of these currently available tests suffer from relatively low accuracy, which can lead to ineffective and potentially harmful treatment decisions.

LymphoPro Feline Dx enables veterinarians to more accurately and objectively differentiate between SCL and IBD. The test uses a powerful imaging technology to directly evaluate targeted cells within a cat's biopsy specimen. The resulting molecular fingerprint is analyzed using artificial intelligence to classify the specimen as likely SCL or IBD. LymphoPro Feline Dx is a validated test, exhibiting a relative accuracy that significantly advances molecular testing currently available.

LymphoPro Feline Dx is new, and your veterinarian may not yet be aware of the test. To learn more about LymphoPro Feline Dx, email us at or call us at (800) 850-5675.